Less Inflammation!

We have to take a look at;
Your sleep habits
Your hydration
Your Nutrition
Your Supplementation
Your Massage and/or Foam Rolling
Your Rest days after strenous work outs
More Energy
Less Inflammation
Better Sleep
A Sharper Mind
About David Carroll
Your Personal Coach David CARROLL earned his certification as an Exercise Physiologist from the American College of Sports Medicine (A.C.S.M.) and is a certified Hypno-Coach from the International Hypnosis Federation. An expert on the Psychology of positive motivation and nutrition for over 30 years, he helps people, just like you, stay fit and trim. He is also a gifted musician. Here is what he has to say about
Bio-hacking is an all encompassing approach to Peak Wellness. I start with the "basics” as we will together build a clear strategy on how you want to go from here to your goals. Then with a step-by-step plan you adjust any necessary attitudes and behaviors so you are in alignment with your results. Accountability closes the gap. You can count on me to be there for you. I dont take a lot of clients so I'm able to give a high degree of focus and attention to the clients I do take.
Fitness Training (click text to open) Coaching on movement. Increase Strength, Endurance,Flexibility,Muscle Tone. Both Functional Strength & Body Scuplting. Increased Balance and Agility. We will chat about this to customize it for you.
Weight Loss I will be Coaching you on your Food Choices, Food Quantity and Quality.
Coaching on Meal timing.
Coaching on Supplements that aid in fat metabolism, and improved blood lipids.
Reciepe Ideas, smoothie Ideas, Reduced body fat, Consistant Fat Reduction, Body fat and acitivity tracking tracking tools.
Keto Diet/Paleo Diet
Vegan/Vegitarian if desired.
There are various eating strategies we can try. Knowing this we can see what works and customize it to your taste buds. We will see what gives you the best weight loss results and also the most energy, and where you have the most fun.
For Example;
We can do lower carb, moderate fat, moderate protien.
Or we can do a higher carb, lower fat, moderate protien.
We will have time to try what you prefer and find out what fits you best!
Bio Hacking Coaching on Bio Hacks From simple to complex hacks, to upgrade all your body systems for optimum performance, optimum energy, optimum brain health and mental functioning, and Unsurpassed Anti Aging Using Nutrition, Environment, Light, Exercise, Sleep, Meditation & Affirmations, Cryo Therapy Nootropics. Etc....
NLP/HypnosisReprogramming yourself Neuro Linguistic Programming & Hypnosis both offer a direct way to alter your subconscious beliefs to positively affect all areas of your life.
For Example:
your habits, your actions, your life style, your health, And phobias or limiting beliefs you may have about yourself. We can reframe any limiting beliefs or behaviors you want to change to create new positive and productive ways to respond to any perceived challenges in your life.
There are some estimates that anywhere from 80 to 95 percent of people who lose weight regain it.
It mostly comes come down to yourFood choices
Food quantity
Being active
Quality sleep
Stress reduction

And let time go by..... In other words you need to make it a long term life style change.
More Energy! We have to take a look at what your doing in regards to your Nutrition
Workout recovery
Cryo-Therapy/Cold Showers
Less Inflammation! We have to take a look at Your sleep habits
Your hydration
Your Nutrition
Your Supplementation
Your Massage and/or Foam Rolling
Your Rest days after strenous work outs
Your Achievement of Better Sleep!Your Sleep Quality affects EVERYTHING!! and as we age our bodies tend to be less tolerant to abuse in many ways,
And a low quality or short duration of sleep our bodies were sort of OK with in our 20's or 30's, may not be so Ok with in our 50's or 60's or older, for example
In other words its necessary to identify all of your life style habits That are not as optimal as they could be, then make reasonable adjustments where we see fit, thus empowering your mind, body and spirit to reach its full potential of health!
A Sharper MindSo with the goal of a sharper mind we dont jump immediately to "Nootropics" Or "Smart Drugs" Which its definition is a drug or other substance capable of enhancing memory, concentration, or cognitve functions, and of preventing cognitive decline.
Everything we do, or dont do, Dovetails into everything else, so all of the other factors that may be affecting your health, such as; sleep, nutrition, exercise, stress levels, enviornment, alcohol, caffeine, cigarettes, excess weight. Etc.... So Nootropics will be discussed but what Im getting at is there is no magic pill for lifestyle habits, and everything we do or dont do has a synergistic affect on us. So it all counts!

Will also be talking about breathwork and meditation with and without music
Also recording positive affirmations with music you like in the background.